Phix Pod Flavors Review

Phix flavor pods are the new way to reach your high in a smoke-free manner.

These flavor pods are usually pre-filled and used together with an ultra Phix portable device, which makes it easy for you to carry it around. flavors for phix podsThe Phix pod flavors are designed to give you an incredible smoking experience. They are incorporated with ceramic oil of 1.5 ohms and 5% liquid based nicotine salts which are common in all Phix flavors. These packs can often be sold separately, but the mixed Phix pod flavor provides first timers a chance to try out all available flavors. Some of these flavors include;

This is a recreation of the sweet traditional tobacco and provides a satisfactory, classic and flavorful experience. Butterscotch has heightened hints of creamy sweetness that can only be compared to that of creme brulee. It provides the tobacco ‘high’ you need without any chemicals, harmful additives or even smoke itself. A package of Phix pod butterscotch flavor has 4 pods, each providing above 400 puffs.

Ice Tobacco
This flavor provides a cool refreshing taste and can be seen as a better version of the traditional menthol tobacco. Ice Tobacco flavor heightens the tobacco feel and is accentuated with icy menthol to give you a feeling of refreshment.Just like other pods, it can give several puffs.

This Phix pod flavor gives a taste of the desired minty experience when smoking. It has a strong and rejuvenating mint flavor coupled with sweetness.

Hard Strawberry
Just like the name suggests, this pod flavor is an integration of tobacco and hard strawberry candies. It gives just the right balance between the tobacco flavor and the sweetness from the candy.

The phix pods are leak-resistant and have gold plated connections to ensure safety. If you want the ultimate vaping experience that does not pose any threat to health through harmful substances and additives, Phix pod flavors are the way to go!