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What You Should Know About Element Vape

element vape

Element Vape is an online store that was established with the core purpose of supplying e-juice and vaping gear at low prices all over the US. The store covers the main aspects of vaping that vapers look at when buying the vaping products. It strives to meet their needs to the fullest.

Most vapers agree to the fact that vaping is more than just an act of taking the e-juice. It is an art and that one can give one total pleasure and satisfaction. Some of the gear that you can find at Element vape include the adjustable mods, starter kits, RDAs, RBAs and many more. The store keeps on updating its inventory with new gears.

Element Vape Starter Kits

This group comprises of the most advanced gear or kits. There are gears that come complete with a tank while others don’t include one in the kit. For instance, the SMOK OSUB Kit has a Helmet tank. One thing that you can be sure about the starter kit is that you will save your money. There is also a wide variety of options that vapers can choose from.

Most kits are already packaged by the manufacturer and one of them is the Stealth Mini 45W from Tesla, which comes with a protective tank console.

Element Vape Mods

To access the mods, you need to click the “VV/VW” or “Mechanical” section of the website. You will see the adjustable mods that are in the store. The new legislation regarding the full mechanical mods has slightly complicated the procedures in which they should be sold. This has negatively affected the number of mods in the market. These days they are fewer than in the past.

Despite the scarcity of the mods, Element Vape has tried to stock its shop with adequate mods. Some of the mods that you will find in this section include the SMOK Koopor Primus which is rated 300W. Others include iJoy Limitless Lux, HCigar VT75 Nano TC, Vape Connex 50TC and Praxis Decimus. Element vape tries to sell them at acceptable price ranges.

The only thing that most vapers may be having with regards to these mods is the names. Most of these names are new to the vaping industry. In fact, Element Vape is among the few stores that are selling them. This can easily ignite the trust issues.

Should you trust these mods or should you just ignore them? Before buying any mode, try to research about it. You can check on various forums and see what other vapers are saying about them.

Tanks at Element Vape

This segment of the store features different tanks that you can use on your e-liquid, including RBAs, RDAs, and RDTAs. If you are new to vaping or you are not sure on what to buy, it is advisable that you choose pre-built coils such as the Aspire Nautilus X.

If you prefer using the wrapping coils, you can purchase a Wismec Cylin RTA or a SMOK TFV8 that comes with pre-built coils. Other advanced tanks that you can get in this store include Hanker RDA by Blitz, the Goodn 22 RDA, and the Sapor V2 RDA.

E-Juice at Element Vape

Element Vape stocks a wide variety of e-juices for vapers. You will find e-liquids from the popular brands and from the little-known companies. Some of the most popular and widely respected labels include CRFT and Five Pawns. Some of the new ideas in the store include The studio brand and the Tea Up Vapory. The most dominant e-juice in the store is the Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) which has a total of 14 items of which most of them are fruits.

New gear and E Juice at Element Vape

Element vape stocks quite a good number of powerful e-liquids such as the DRGN, TWYGR Spit, and CDBRA. Other latest new items include Digiflavor Sub Ohm Tank and RTDA coil. The J150 is another new e juice that you can try out.

How to Shop at Element Vape

Buying goods at Element vape is the same as purchasing at any other online shop. Once you are on the store’s website, elementvape.com, go to the price section. You will find lots of products that retail for less than $100. Compare the features and price then purchase the product that you want.