How Long Does A Juul Pod Last?

Juul pods are a cutting-edge product that are popular in the e-cigarette niche. People who enjoy e-cigarettes can enjoy these pods in a variety of flavors including cool mint, crème brulee, fruit medley, and more. The pods are traditionally sold in a pack of four.

When purchasing this product, many people want to know, how long do Juul pods last? The answer is going to vary depending on a variety of factors. For anyone who is trying to purchase enough for a certain amount of time or just wants to have an adequate stock handy, these are a few guidelines for how long the pods will last.

So.. How Long Do Juul Pods Last?

Keep in mind that the pods may last you more or less time depending on how much you use them. Each pods should last for around 200 puffs before it needs changing and it contains 0.7 mL of the eliquid in each pod. If you are an occasional user and tend to only take 10-15 puffs throughout the day, then you can expect your Juulpod to last for a few weeks. More frequent users may need to adjust their pod supplies in order to keep enough around.

Users who would consider them moderate consumers of Juulpods usually say that a single pod lasts them only about a day and a half. At this rate, a pack of four can be expected to last approximately a week. Since the pods can be purchased and stored for a moderate length of time, it may be advisable to purchase a larger supply to avoid running low.

Another way to estimate use is by determining how much juice you go through. Since each pod contains 0.7 ml of the vape juice, 0.5 ml per day is a reasonable estimate. This would mean that a user should purchase 5 mL worth of pods to last for a 10-day period of time. Keep in mind that this is a general estimate and you may need either more or less than the average user.

Flavor Variations

Another factor to consider with your usage needs is how quickly you go through certain flavors. If you prefer the mint or Virginia tobacco pods, you may find that you use the Juul pods less frequently as these are stronger flavors. However, the fruit flavors which are lighter such as fruit medley and mango are enjoyed at a faster rate. If you like to have a few different types of Juul pods to use, you may also want to factor in how quickly you go through each flavor profile.

Why Stock Up?

There are many reasons why you may want to know how many pods you go through in a period of time. For some users who may be traveling or not able to purchase the pods on a regular basis, you’ll want to purchase enough to last you as long as you need. Make sure that you follow the expiration date listed on the package although most people will find that their pods don’t expire before they have been used.

There may also be a benefit if you want to purchase in bulk. Although the pods are sold in a set of four usually, you may get a better price if you purchase a larger amount. If you keep the pods in a cool and dry place, they will last for at least a few months. When buying a larger amount at one time, make sure to store them away from direct sunlight. You will find that the flavor of each pack is best when they are stored properly.


Juul pods are a fun and flavorful way to enjoy e-cigarettes. From the slim design to the fun flavors, you can enjoy vaping no matter where you are. If you’re a new vaper or are just trying to be more prepared, these guidelines can give you a better idea of how much you’ll need to stay stocked.

Keep in mind that usage can vary greatly depending on your personal style and your needs. Each person is slightly different so use these guidelines but then modify them as needed. You can also use these guidelines to stock up as needed and avoid running out of Juul pods.

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