Juul Vape Review

What is Juul? If you see people sucking on USB drives and exhaling decent clouds of smoke then they are probably JUULING. Released in 2015, the JUUl vape gained immense popularity as a healthier alternative to smoking and was soon dubbed as the ‘Apple of vaping.’ Let’s find out what makes this e-cig so popular.

The JUUL is a closed vaping system that makes it easier for smokers to switch to vaping. A closed system means that you cannot use different tanks and juices on the device. You need to buy them directly from JUUL. This is different from open tank systems where you get to choose different atomizers, mods, and juices.

The makers of JUUL vape feel that the numerous complexities and customizing options of vaping devices may be daunting for the first time users. So, JUUL does away with all that hassle to give you quality technology packed in a compact frame that delivers consistent performance.
Since its release, JUUL has captured about 50 percent share in the US market and its growth has been consistent despite several competitors and copycat products.

How Does Juul Vape Work?

The JUUL vape has two parts – a battery and a pod filled with juice. You just need to attach the pod to a fully charged battery and you are good to go. The kit includes four sample JUUL pods (Virginia tobacco, Creme brulee, Fruit medley, and Virginia tobacco) and a USB charger.
A starter kit of JUUL costs less than $50 and comes with a one year warranty. A four-pack of JUUL pods cost about $15. While we can’t say that JUUL pods price is cheap, a pack-a-day smoker can save close to $949 a year by making the switch.

Juul Vape Design

The JUUL vape is almost the same size as a cigarette, maybe a couple of inches longer. It has an ergonomic design and feels like a real cigarette when you hold it between fingers.
There’s a small LED light on the device that lights up when you attach a pod to the battery and also when you draw from the e-cig. The light also works as an indicator for battery life. If you tap the area below the light two times, it displays red, green or yellow light.
Green indicates the battery is full, yellow color means it’s half-full and when the light turns red, you need to plug the device into a charger soon.

Juul Build Quality

The one-piece compact form of the JUUL device looks spectacular. Unlike other plasticky e-cigs, this one feels sturdy when held. The USB charger that comes in the kit is also top-notch.
The slim and rectangular frame with an easily detachable pod spells ease of use, convenience, and portability. Juul Performance And Vapor Quality

One of the many reasons that make JUUL a popular e-cig is that it uses nicotine salts instead of standard e-liquids. The salt eases out the high level of nicotine so that you don’t feel a harsh hit on the throat, which is a common problem with other high nicotine e-liquids. It makes JUUL one of the most preferred smoking alternatives.
The starter kit comes with four distinct flavors that smell and taste great. They are also bringing out new flavors so if you are tired of the same flavors, there are new ones to try.

Is Juul Easy To Use?

The JUUL vape has two simple parts – the battery and pod that you need to put together to start smoking. Plus, this is a mess-free device with no leaking or spilling e-liquids. The new improved design comes with cotton pads in the mouthpiece to prevent liquid from entering the mouth.
Discreetness and Portability
The device is almost like an ink pen and it can be used to vape in public without drawing unnecessary attention. When fully assembled, it is slightly bigger than a cigarette and its lightweight makes it easier to carry the device anywhere you want.

Juul Battery Life

The small size of the device allows room for a low-capacity 200 mAh battery which requires frequent charges. If you plan to use JUUL vape heavily, it might require one or two charges a day.
The good
• Strong nicotine salt
• Battery charges fast
• No leakage design
• Easy to use
• Great throat hit, no harshness
• Good customer service
• Feels like cigarette
The bad
• Limited flavors
• Non-replaceable JUUL pods
• Not available outside the US

Final Thoughts: If you’re a smoker, wanting to switch to vaping then the JUUL vape is a good device to start with. The ease of use and simpler options make it easier to get accustomed to the change. Furthermore, it helps you retain the hand-to-mouth style of smoking. The high nicotine strength gives a similar sensation like smoking, just that this is a much healthier alternative.
With JUUL vape, you don’t have to give up the joy of smoking; you just try a better way!