Phix Vape Review (My Experience with Phix Vape)

Vapers who are in search of a vape which focuses more on simplicity, as well as elegance, must try Phix Vape. The Vapers will experience stylish vaping as they don’t need to worry about the struggle to deal with e-juice and filling tanks. my review of the phix vapeMoreover, the simplicity which Phix Vape is offering in its device is unmatchable as it is really easy to use with its magnetic system. Let’s discuss some of the outstanding features of this vape:

~ Amazing Appearance: Your imagination will be captivated by its futuristic look.
~ Comfortable and Pleasant: You will get to experience smooth and ceramic built which is adding to the comfort of holding the device making its touch pleasant while using.
~Great Resistance: It offers amazing resistance ranging between 1.4 and 1.5 ohms making use of its ceramic coils.
~ Ease of use: The blister pack has to be opened pack in order to install the device in the pod and you can simply start using it with just a click as the pod is attached magnetically.


~Flexiblity: Along with the original Tobacco flavor cartridge, one can also try other options as replacement of cartridges in a 4-pack is offered.
~ Holding Capacity: The cartridges have an amazing holding capacity up to 1.5ml of e-liquid.
~ Decent Battery: It comes with a 280 mAH battery. Accordingly, you will be able to enjoy nearly 220 puffs in one charge.

Conclusion (My Phix Vape Review)

Simply, it is a practical device that saves the users from the struggle of tank filling and probably facing spillage. If you also want such kind of solution, Phix Vape is probably what you need. You will invest your money in a device which is worth considering as it offers some outstanding features along with a stunning look.In comparison with its rivals, Phix Vape is way ahead and will always be a better choice no matter one compares them in any department.