Pod Vaping Revamped: Where To Buy PHIX Pods

Pod vaping is increasing in popularity because of its convenience. The vape pods are super easy to install into your device and then you can just vape away, enjoying the delicious tastes. The PHIX brand has great flavors, it’s reasonably priced and overall has a great reputation with everyone who uses it. MLV is the reliable company that actually designed PHIX, including the quality e-juices and even an e-cig itself to heighten the experience. The flavors themselves were created by a company known as Brewell MFG, whose main aim is to give you an amazing smoking

experience every single time. Let’s get into what you really want to know, the interesting flavors available to vape with PHIX.

PHIX Pod Flavors

When it comes to vaping, everybody has their favorite flavors and with a wide variety to from, PHIX definitely does not disappoint.

where to purchase phix pods

There is of course, regular tobacco, ideal if you have just quit smoking in general and are still craving that taste. Some other flavors of PHIX pods include cool melon, butterscotch, strawberry, spearmint, raspberry, ice tobacco and mango. Not sure what to try? It’s also possible to buy mixed flavor pods, which lets you try a bit of everything to help you decide what is right for you. When you vape with PHIX, the tastes are evident but subtle so you are not going to feel overwhelmed.

The best place to buy PHIX pods is online, that way you can get whatever products you purchase right to your front door. Do your research and make sure that you are getting the best deal possible. A good website that sells a wide range of PHIX pods and also has lots of valuable information on the brand is electronictobacconist.com. In addition to the pods, you can get starter kits on the site, which you can learn more about later. You can also get PHIX products on phixvapor.com and on other websites online.

How to refill PHIX Pods

PHIX pods are really easy to install into whatever device you are using them with, although it’s recommended that you use the official PHIX e-cig. Start by removing the colored cap from the pods before placing the uncovered pod into the device. There are magnets attached which will click into place, making the device easy to use right away without the need to even press a button. It is easy to charge the PHIX device too, simply plug in the USB and connect the device to the magnetic charger. The battery life does last quite some time but obviously this depends on how regularly you are using the device.

PHIX Pod Starter Kits

– In addition the the pods, by purchasing a starter kit, you can get everything you need for smoking with PHIX – which is ideal if this is new to you or you just want to get everything all at the same time. Included in a starter kit is 1 PHIX ecig complete with a battery, 1 PHIX refill pod in the original tobacco flavor and 1 USB charger. The full starter kit is actually available right now for $24.99 on electronictobacconist.com, which is a really good deal.
– Some slight leaking with PHIX and vaping devices in general is pretty common and not a big problem unless you are seeing a lot of it. It is recommended that you wipe off the juice before inserting it into your device. It might also be required that you clean out the mouthpiece of the device with a tissue to eliminate the problem. Be sure that you are not puffing too aggressively when smoking because this can cause excessive leakage.

Now that you know a little more about PHIX and the range of flavors that are available to smoke, you can see why it could be the right brand for you. PHIX has a positive reputation, with raving reviews from customers all over the world. Whether you are new to the world of vaping or it’s something that you are very experienced at, this is a good brand to try. Why not get your starter kit today, to see if it is right for you? PHIX could change the smoking world for you and could help you find a new brand that you fall in love with.

There is a myriad of online stores where you can find PHIX pods, so buying PHIX pods is a pretty straightforward process. Just make sure to carefully choose your preferred style and flavor and enjoy the new vaping trend. And for the hackers out there thinking about ‘lowering’ costs by hacking the pods and refilling by themselves, it’s practically undoable without damaging the pod, which will definitely reduce the vaping experience.